ethereal photo of a dad and mom holding their daughter's hands on Tod's Point

A Beautiful and Sunny Family and Maternity Session at the Beach!

What’s better than an evening at the beach with your family?! I’ll tell you what – add the celebration of a growing new life! Sessions at Greenwich Beach might just be considered a favorite pastime of mine. You just have to appreciate the beautiful backdrop and light! No matter where you are in your life, it’s always important to find time to document your family, and what better time than when your family will be growing. I created this special session with the help of Jessica, Ronaldo, and their daughter Natalia, whose newborn session I photographed in 2019. Check out all of the pretty below!

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Kicking it off with Natalia’s parents showing off her cuteness. This little girl is so photogenic and I’m so grateful for that quality! Plus, how adorable is their family styling?

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The grandparents were included in our session and I’m so in love with these photos! We did some relaxed, classic posing with the entirety of this gorgeous family. A mix of neutrals and that vibrant cornflower blue really completed the session gallery! All of this took place during the fabulous golden hour at Tod’s Point. Perfection!

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This last pretty portrait might be my favorite!

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Precious moment with baby brother in an outdoor fall session with family of four with gorgeous yellow and orange fall colors for a posed family portrait

Celebrate Your Loved Ones Through Portrait Photography | Greenwich Connecticut Family Photographer

I strive to inspire my clients to celebrate their loved ones, their children, and their beauty through portrait photography. My dream for them is to have the images we create together become true heirlooms to cherish for generations to come.

Family is one of the most beautiful and wonderful things around. From the first “I do’s”, to the first child, all the way to sending your now-adult kids away to college, family is a journey worth capturing. I think everyone grasps the necessity for professional family photos, but when it comes to taking those pictures annually, it’s often met with excuses rather than excitement. Having professional photos taken requires some real work, and not just in deciding what to wear and where to have the session – they can be an investment as well. But they’re an investment worth making, and here are three reasons why you should have a session every year, and especially now in the fall!

The passage of time – It is in the nature of time to grow us, and it’s important to capture this each year, especially so for young families. Kids grow so quickly, like the colors of fall leaves, and having annual portraits taken will not only be a beautiful way to track their growth, but will also act as a visual journal of the memories of each year. This is important for your children, but also for yourselves as the parents of a rapidly growing family. In a family session, you’ll be able to get in the picture with everybody else, free from worry about any of the details that go into getting the perfect picture. Flow with the constant stream of change, and capture your family along the way.

The milestones you meet – Like the passage of time, the growth of your family means they will meet milestones along the way. Whether it’s the ability to sit up, the first birthday, the first day of school, a high school graduation, or anything in between, it’s important to capture these times in the life of your family. There’s something new each year, and after each one passes you’ll be able to look fondly at your family portraits, and remember the wonderful moments of the year. Photographs are the perfect way to keep a memory alive, and the more that you capture, the more that you can cherish.

The memories you make – The only things in life that truly become more valuable over time are your memories. Life is constantly moving forward, but it is a blessing to look back over all of the wonderful times you’ve lived through, especially as a family. The beauty of a family photo session is that you get to make it how you want it to be, and capture your own unique and beautiful memories to treasure. Maybe you have a favorite family spot where the autumn colors are perfect, and you want to have a picnic-themed session there, or maybe the whole family loves the way the city looks in the fall – no matter what it is, make it special to your own family. If you center your portraits on who your family is rather than making sure everybody is smiling, you’ll get so much more out of them, and make precious memories at the same time.

Those are just three reasons for having annual family portraits taken, and I’m sure you can think of a few more. The preparation and the work that goes into your session is so worth it, because your family is worth the effort. Mark the passage of time, memorialize the milestones along the way, and capture each beautiful memory. You won’t want to miss them! So contact me and book your portraits – it’s the perfect time for a fall family session.


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