Looking Up Photography – Posed Newborn Accreditation from APNPI

I am so proud to announce that I have received Accreditation from the Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International, in the category of Posed Newborn. My successful submission was chosen along with a select number of others. I am so excited to be placed amongst this elite group of worldwide photographers who are Accredited with APNPI.

Whether you’re a curious parent, or a fellow professional interested in Accreditation, you can find more information here.

More About APNPI

APNPI is a Professional Newborn Photographer’s Association created by newborn photographers specifically for newborn photographers. APNPI formed out of a passion to give professional recognition to Newborn Photographers, and to connect photographers in a safe and respectful place that cultivates the growth of artistry and business acumen amongst its membership.

APNPI also connects parents with Accredited photographers in their area who are educated in newborn safety practices and have passed the rigorous Accreditation process before a panel of live judges. Additionally the site offers parents valuable resources and tips for everything from choosing a photographer to taking better photographs at home.

Newborn Safety

Currently, there are no safety regulations in place for the Newborn Photography industry. Anyone who owns a camera can begin photographing newborns with no training and no knowledge of the unique needs of infants.

APNPI values and puts newborn safety at the forefront of the Newborn Photography profession. For this reason, I want to share some information to help you select a safe photographer and help you identify elements of risk throughout your session.

Safety Checklist

These are some items to keep in mind at your session.

Again, never hesitate to speak up if you feel uncomfortable with something your photographer is doing with your baby.  Whether it’s a safety concern or simply something you personally are uneasy with, either way, you are the one who’s voice is most important!

  • Room temperature – most photographers will heat the room so that baby is not cold
    • Watch for signs of overheating – sweaty neckline, mottled skin, redness in the face, irritability
  • Air quality:
    • Props and blankets should look and smell clean. Musty and mildew smells could indicate the presence of mold growing in a damp, warm studio. If you are concerned about your baby breathing in mold toxins, don’t hesitate to choose to leave with your baby.
    • Essential oils are trendy right now, but can cause allergic reactions and sensitivities. Don’t hesitate to ask your photographer to remove the use of oils if you are uncomfortable with them.
    • Watch out for other environmental allergens such as dust, pets, foods, etc.
  • Tripping hazards
    • Cords should be taped down, and rug grippers should be used with flokati and floor boards. Props should be put away when not in use. Spills should be cleaned up immediately, without delay.
  • Antiques and props
    • watch for splinters and nails
    • Props should be weighted properly.
    • Newborns should never be positioned in or on glass containers or objects that can break or shatter.
  • Posing surfaces should be an adequate size to prevent accidents
    • Wooden backgrounds should be secured to avoid tipping and falls.
    • Sandbags should be used to weight props and light stands.
  • Your newborn must be supported by human hands at ALL TIMES throughout risky poses.
    • This ensures that babies will not be at risk of falls, central cyanosis or positional asphyxiation – three very dangerous scenarios that can result in very seriously injury or even death.
  • In the absence of an assistant, parents, especially mothers, should never be asked to stay away from the babe as is sometimes requested due to the false idea that the smell of mother’s milk will cause the baby to become unsettled. Should the baby show signs of hunger such as the rooting that can occur when they sense and smell their mother, they should be given appropriate time to feed. A satisfied baby will not be unsettled due to the smell of milk and it is better to have an extra set of hands close by than not.
  • Your photographer, assistant or other people present should not be ill.
    • Where and when illness may delay your session beyond an appropriate timeline of around 1-2 weeks, a good photographer should either have an assistant photographer on hand to complete your session or provide referrals to other respected photographers working in a similar style. For posed newborn work, your session is time sensitive and should be completed sometime within the first two to three weeks of life. Unposed, documentary or lifestyle sessions can be completed in longer timelines and rescheduling should be easier with these types of sessions
  • Your photographer does not need to touch, move, or attempt to remove any medical items such as belly button clamps, circumcision gauze, etc.
  • Your baby should never show signs of central cyanosis – the bluish discoloration around the core, lips and tongue. This can be quite a dangerous. According to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre, central cyanosis is never normal in the newborn period, and is almost always linked to a lower amount of oxygen in the blood. For this reason, the photographer should be concerned regarding the cause of deoxygenation if central cyanosis is present.
  • Your photographer should have hand sanitizer available.
  • Adequate seating and changing areas should be available and suitable for new moms and those recovering from C-sections.
  • You should have easy access to drinking water.
  • Your photographer should be insured in order to protect you in the event of accidents.

Having images taken of your newborn is a memory you’ll treasure forever. Enjoy your experience, and always have the confidence to speak up if you have any doubts at all!

2021 Acredidation Posed NewbornPRESERVING PRECIOUS MOMENTS™

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family of four smiling and looking at the camera

Family Newborn Session at the Studio – TJ

Raise your hand if you’re looking for a newborn session to inspire you! This may be the second spring we’re having that looks a bit different, this year, but it doesn’t mean our photography inspiration should suffer. Heck, maybe you have a ton of inspiration right now since all your favorite professional photographers are getting caught up on blogging! This family is a favorite recent client and I wanted to incorporate them into my spring blogging. I loved how thorough and open Mom was on her client questionnaire! I appreciate that she mentioned how much she values my talent, time, and work. This fun family newborn session at my studio makes a wonderful addition to my portfolio, and I hope it inspires you!

This time of year brings with it some of my favorite photo sessions at my Greenwich studio, and I thought this family newborn session would be a great addition to my blog! I’ve noticed that sharing recent sessions has a way of making me feel like there aren’t still a million other things going on in the world. So, I love big brother Mack’s proud smiles. This airy session is perfect for spring, and you know this classic look is my favorite.

Keep scrolling to see the pretty photos and Pin them; you’ll definitely want to bookmark this post for inspiration!

1401 Looking Up Photography1430 Looking Up Photography1436 Looking Up Photography1495 Looking Up Photography1494 Looking Up Photography1451 Looking Up Photography1280 Looking Up Photography head1313 Looking Up Photography1367 Looking Up Photography1205 Looking Up Photography head1300 Looking Up Photography1383 Looking Up Photography


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Lucas – Greenwich Studio Family Newborn Session

I’m on quite the productivity kick as we enter into our second year of the novel coronavirus pandemic! It started with going through all of my sessions from over the past year or so, then selecting many of my favorites and preparing them to be blogged here. Of course it’s hard, as a professional photographer, to not feel what’s ongoing around us. That said, I do have hope for this year. I am blessed with the very best clients who’ve made the most of these exceptional times. I continue to look forward to celebrating new life, and lots of really fun sessions!

I’m excited to share one of my first sessions of 2021 so you can share in the joy of this sweet baby with me, and his family! This family is a repeat client; I adore seeing families back in my studio as their numbers grow.

You can also book a session for yourself at the bottom of this post – I made it nice and easy for you!

Knowing that some of my favorite clients aren’t yet ready for photo sessions is pretty tough. What a different feeling it is to know just how different the world will continue to be, for now. In some ways, the world has become almost unrecognizable. For those clients, though, we’re in communication with each other. We know that when the time is right for them, our sessions together will be even more special than before!

Everyone has to do what’s best for them and their families, and even though I’m not able to photograph some clients right now, I am still so excited to share the sessions I am photographing. This studio space has become a wonderful place for me to make growing families feel special, and welcomed, despite current circumstances.

My favorite thing about this session is the absolutely palpable love and pride. I’m sure you’ve been seeing on social media that some creatives are afraid to share their work right now. As for me, I want to acknowledge and love on my clients, who have allowed my livelihood to continue on. This session does just that, for me. The way big sister Lily smiles, the way mom beams with happiness, and the warmth and care all over dad’s face. I think we can all use a little more of this right now!

You can contact me below to celebrate your own family at any stage of life. Keep on keeping on, my friends!

baby boy wrapped in dusty blue, asleep on a chunky knit blanket folded in a rustic boxnewborn baby boy wrapped in a light blue swaddle with his hands peeking from the blanketsweet newborn baby boy with his hands folded across his chest; chunky knit dusty blue blanketdetails of a baby boy's feet peeking from an open knit light dusty blue blanket; Looking Up Photographysleeping newborn baby boy wrapped in a gray swaddle with his hands folded under his headnewborn baby boy wrapped in a gray heather swaddle and lying on a gray knit poufproud big sister wearing a pink long sleeved dress with pink and yellow hearts, with her arm around her baby brotherhappy new mom holding her newborn baby in her arms, who is swaddled in blueproud father kissing his newborn son on the head, as he cradles his son in his handsfather, mother hold their newborn baby boy and look down lovingly at him; Karen Kahndad, newborn baby boy, big sister, and mom lying on a cream colored blanket and smiling upwardnew family of four playing together on the studio floor of Looking Up Photographynew family of four; big sister, father, mother, awake baby boy; neutral studio backdrop



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Newborn portrait session in the studio with baby boy wrapped in light blue laying on a soft knit light blue fabric and an adorable sleepy night cap hat in blue

Dilan – Sweet and Simple Newborn Session in the Studio


What’s simple, sweet, and full of snuggles? This beautiful studio newborn session with baby boy, Dilan.

Upon meeting, he was already perfectly sleepy, allowing mom and dad to follow my every move. The whole family was simply so impressive to me! We got the perfect mix of photos with him sweetly sleeping, as well cuddled up with mom, dad, and their loving miniature golden doodle. 

Did you know that during your studio newborn session with Looking Up Photography, I’ll divide your session into “breakouts”? I’ll change up exactly who is being photographed so we can be sure you receive the perfect blend of images when your final gallery is delivered. During our time together, we’ll get your new arrival front and center, all by themselves – including those tiny details you never want to forget! We’ll also make sure mom and dad have their time to shine. Siblings (or fur siblings) will have their own time in front of the camera. The whole family will be photographed all together as well, of course, too! 

There is nothing better than shooting within the beautiful walls of the studio! Many congratulations to this new family of four (including their precious mini golden doodle)! For an example of what your relaxing studio newborn session with Looking Up Photography might look like, keep scrolling.

newborn baby boy wrapped in light blue; large knit dusty blue blanket; driftwood basketnewborn session for a blue color nursery; light blue stocking cap; light blue swaddleDecember baby newborn image; baby's hands folded across his light blue swaddlerustic newborn baby image with barn wood paneling backdrop; gray rustic box; gray heather swaddlenewborn baby boy with his hands folded under his head; heather gray swaddle; cable knit gray blanketparents hands holding their newborn son's feet; gold, blue, and white bracelet; red nail polishdetail oriented newborn photo; soft ivory swaddle; open knit chunky ivory blanketnew mom with long dark hair and a white lace dress, holding her son who is swaddled in light bluenew dad holding up his son who is swaddled in light blue; new baby boy with dark hairbaby boy newborn photography with large ivory colored flokati and mini golden doodlenew mom and dad kissing their newborn baby boy who is wrapped in a light blue swaddlenew family of three; mother and father looking down at their son who has a head full of dark hairmom and dad wearing black tees lying down on a white flokati with their newborn in between thembacklit, silhouetted image of a new family of three; father, mother, newborn baby boyfamily newborn photography with miniature golden doodle, family medicine doctor dad, dentist mom, newborn baby boy


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Studio posed newborn baby portrait session all in white, baby is cradled in-between mom and dad, kissing him on the cheeks

Alexander’s Studio Newborn Session

As a newborn photographer, my goal is to have a baby who sleeps through our session. I prep my clients. I give them information. Even if parents do everything to a T, every now and then I’ll photograph a baby who has a bit of a hard time settling in the studio. This is especially true for those clients who occasionally contact me after the baby is born, instead of several weeks in advance. Thankfully, I have plenty of tools and tricks I use to help baby settle as best I can. Every once in awhile, there are those babies that don’t want to sleep, but we still get amazing imagery no matter what!

Alexander was already a week old when his mom, Charlotte, contacted me. Charlotte and David are Irish! They moved stateside about a decade ago and Charlotte told me that newborn sessions aren’t very common in Ireland. Their family still live in Ireland and Charlotte discovered she really wanted to capture this time of the 3 of them, not only for themselves, but to share with their long distance family. I was able to get this family in the studio quickly so I agreed to do a studio newborn session. I can usually accommodate newborn sessions as long as I have room in my schedule.

Alexander was still very sleepy and our photos are of him sleeping. Actually, I’m almost certain he was asleep pretty much the whole time. My goal is always to keep my newborn clients happy, whether they’re awake or asleep!

We created some absolutely adorable images with Alexander. His drowsy, dreamy demeanor made my job that much easier, too! 

I loved working with this precious family! They were referrals from another client, and Charlotte also did her research on I just love hearing that past clients recommend me as someone who’s understanding of new moms and who can make first-timers feel comfortable! But honestly, Charlotte, David, and Alexander all had such happy, go-with-the-flow attitudes. Oh! And I need to include big brother Mylo, the cockapoo. Mylo didn’t get flustered at all when dad picked him up for a photo with the whole family. Everyone rolled with the punches and it made for an amazingly delightful final gallery.

blue, aqua, soft green, and soft purple polka dot background; newborn baby wrapped in an open knit white swaddlenewborn baby boy swaddled in white with his hands and feet peeking out; white flokatinewborn baby boy details with his hands folded across himself; white muslin swaddleredhead newborn baby boy asleep on his hands; gray jersey backdrop; knit gray swaddlenewborn photo with family dog; newborn baby boy wrapped in white; white flokatismiling Irish mom holding her newborn son against her cheek; mother and baby are in whitenew dad in white shirt holding his son up and kissing his head; baby boy wrapped in whitenew father and mother dressed in white kissing their newborn baby boy who is being held between themsmiling new family of four; cockapoo, dad, mom, and baby boy; newborn family portrait with dogsilhouetted, backlit family newborn image; dad, mom, and baby boy asleep with his hand peeking out from the swaddle


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Lily – A Sweet Studio Newborn Session in Greenwich, Connecticut

Spring is nearly here, but much of life remains the same as it did about a year ago. So, a recent pandemic newborn session it is! I’m excited to share this studio newborn session captured at my Greenwich, Connecticut studio. I can always make something beautiful in my dreamy studio! I created this session for two physicians and their sweet newborn daughter, Lily. I am always so flattered when, from all the local area photographers, our healthcare heroes choose me. Mom and dad’s dusty blue colored tops really allowed their adoration for their baby girl to come through! I adored their color palette, and that nothing took away from showing off Lily.

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On dad’s face was the look every photographer wants to get from their new fathers! Can you even with the warmth of this new family? The family’s simple love shone through each image from this session. And oh my goodness, are they beautiful.

With the studio as our setting, of course we had the prettiest session. The studio has so many terrific spots for photos. I have completely fallen in love with the space and how it highlights the relationships I capture within its walls. You might not necessarily think of love when you think of a photography studio, yet here it is. Being able to capture blissful memories here means everything to me.

Thank you to Sible for her transparency about her and Luis’ work environment and for sharing a bit of Lily’s birth story with me. I really bond with moms who aren’t afraid to share those ‘in the trenches’ moments. Being able to share that in this place, with this new family, was more special than I could have ever imagined.

Lily was a perfect angel. I am incredibly happy with the moments captured of a new mother, new father, and their daughter. There’s something about the unassuming nature of the studio that doesn’t overshadow the adoration between people who love each other.

Keep scrolling!

newborn baby girl wrapped in an open knit white swaddle, resting on two toned flokatinewborn baby girl details, with her hand peeking out of a white crochet blanket; Looking Up Photographynewborn baby hands folded across her belly; white blanket with sheer ruffle detailsnewborn baby feet with long toes peeking out of a lace blanket; Greenwich, Connecticut newborn photographerbaby girl asleep on a pink backdrop and wrapped in a pink swaddle while wearing a floral headbandnewborn baby girl with a lot of dark hair asleep against a pink pillow and wearing a pink floral headbandnewborn baby wearing a Santa stocking cap and wrapped in a red chenille blanketnew mom with long dark hair holding up her newborn baby girl who is swaddled in light pinknew dad touching noses with his newborn baby girl who is swaddled in pink and wearing a large pink flower headbandnew mom with big dark eyes looking into the distance as she holds her newborn daughter while dad kisses the baby's headnew mom and dad wearing dusty blue shirts holding up their newborn baby girl in between thembacklit silhouetted image of a new mother and new father holding their newborn baby girl in between them


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posed newborn photography session

Grady – A Studio Newborn Session at Looking Up Photography’s Greenwich, Connecticut Studio


Photographing repeat clients at my studio is such a joy. This session started when mom Jess contacted me about a second session because she loved the newborn session with their first child so much! This client is wonderful, and she was happy to tell me that she booked with Looking Up Photography again due to how happy she was with her previous photos, as well as my professionalism. Such a compliment!

Celebrate your growing family with a studio newborn session!

We had a beautiful time in the studio. The client’s classic clothing choices were great, and I especially loved having Emmett in the studio again!

See Emmett’s newborn session here!

We set up in our incredible little spot, and the scene was set for a fun morning with this family. The family just enjoyed each other’s company, going with the natural flow of the session. The type of session itself leant itself to the fall and holiday vibe mom requested. It was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours! Jess and Dan were always nearby and baby Grady was in great hands. As a professional newborn photographer, safety is of the utmost importance to me, and my experience with infants was one of the reasons Jess asked me to photograph their family as they welcomed their second child!

Emmett was wonderful with his new baby brother – especially for being under two years old himself. I’m kind of obsessed with the image of Grady in his Santa-inspired outfit! That little hat – I can’t get enough of it.

The joy this family exudes is gorgeous. I love a good Greenwich studio newborn session, and I had such a blast with this family.

“Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.” – Albert Einstein

newborn baby boy wrapped in navy and asleep on top of a chunky knit blanket in a driftwood basketnewborn boy with his hands folded across his body, asleep in a driftwood basket lined with a navy chunky knit blanketclose up features of a newborn baby's face, eyes, nose, lips; baby wrapped in a navy swaddlenewborn baby feet and toes wrapped in a navy blanket and propped on navy muslinnewborn baby boy wrapped in a moss green swaddle with one hand holding onto the front of the swaddlenewborn baby asleep in a rustic gray farm box lined with a chunky knit white blanket; newborn boy wearing a chenille Santa outfitnewborn baby boy with a concerned look on his face, wrapped in a navy swaddle; big brother with blonde hair with his new baby brothermom with long golden blonde hair smiling at the camera and cradling her newborn baby in her armsdad holding his newborn son close to his face; the baby is wrapped in a navy colored swaddle blanketnew family of four with toddler big brother sticking out his tongue and reaching out to touch his new baby brothernew family of four dressed in white and denim, all looking at the camera; mom and dad are smiling


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A Studio Newborn Session in Greenwich, Connecticut – Naina

Being a part of life’s biggest moments for families is literally my job. So yes, even when it seemed like the whole world might be closed indefinitely, in the view of the still ongoing situation, I celebrated a birth with this nearby Purchase, New York family! Whether it’s a milestone birthday, first steps, or a family reunion, each celebration is one my clients will cherish forever. This studio newborn session was for a first-time client. Pretty cool, I think!

I truly loved mom Snehi’s clothing suggestions, and I especially loved the fact that Snehi and Nikhil brought along their 5 year-old Boston Terrier/cattle dog mix, Nate. Those of you who have fur babies of your own will get a kick out of this session. I am always so inspired when pets are involved in family sessions. I say well-behaved fur babies are always welcome, and I tell my clients so!

This growing family also wanted to celebrate their Indian culture, and what better way than with a studio newborn session? In India, the name Naina is another name of the goddess Durga Maa, and it also means “beautiful eyes”. This adorable baby girl sure lives up to her name!

Her eyes, like her name, are incredibly beautiful. I LOVED that mom brought along a selection of saris to honor her heritage. In Hindu Dharma, the color red is used for auspicious occasions such as the birth of a child, marriage, and during festivals. The colors of mom’s saris served to accentuate the emotions and pride present throughout this session. I adore these touches!

Keep scrolling to see the pretty photos.

Newborn Photos


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Classic Studio Newborn Session – Tyler

The world may have closed indefinitely due to the current novel coronavirus pandemic, but babies are still born every day and each one is worth celebrating! This studio newborn session was for a first-time client who found me via Greenwich Moms. Pretty cool, I think!

I truly loved mom’s straightforward requests, and especially the navy color! I am so inspired by darker hues these days. I say classic colors are always welcome in the studio, and I tell my clients so for each and every session.

This couple wanted to celebrate the birth of their first human child, and what better way than with a studio newborn session?! I note “human child” because Nicole mentioned that they have a miniature goldendoodle who’s spoiled enough to probably be considered their “first child”. Hopefully Tyler’s fur-sibling has adjusted well to the new baby!

My favorite photo from this session is the image of Tyler wearing a red, white, and blue football-themed stocking cap. While themed props aren’t typically my cup of tea, it brings to mind Nicole’s sweet request for a special image for her husband, Ross, who’s obsessed with football and the Patriots. I love that this particular photograph is meaningful to dad, and I love that the visual information in the photograph tells you that story right away! Keep scrolling to see all of the details and also to see that wonderful image!

Celebrate your growing family with a studio newborn session!

newborn baby boy swaddled in lightweight navy swaddle on a navy flokaticloseup image of the details of a newborn baby's face with his hands holding the swaddle and gently resting next to his headnewborn baby boy swaddled in dusty blue with his hands folded across his belly; navy flokaticloseup photograph of the feet and toes of a new baby peeking out of a navy swaddle; navy flokatiNew England Patriots inspired newborn photo; sleeping baby boy wearing a Patriots red, white, blue stocking capnewborn baby wrapped in white asleep on a white knit pouf; white backgroundnewborn baby with light brown hair with a smile on their face; white swaddle; white poufnewborn baby looking at the camera with a serious expression; white swaddle; white poufmom with long auburn hair wearing a navy top holding her newborn baby kissing themsmiling dad holding his newborn son and touching noses with him; neutral studio backdropdad and mom kissing their newborn baby boy who dad is holding up in between thembacklit silhouetted photograph of a mother and father smiling and looking down at their newborn son


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newborn baby wrapped in textured white fabric nestled between mom and dad both kissing baby's cheeks in a loving new family scene

Warm Family Studio Newborn Session Inspiration – Pia

When I first started photographing families at my studio, I knew exactly what I wanted to capture in my amazing and cozy Connecticut space. Greenwich is a popular long-weekend location for other New Englanders, and most people who live in the region will find themselves here at some point. I knew I wanted to take photographs that make it look like my client families receive small-town, personalized service – because that’s exactly what they get from me. Is there anything better than having a photographer’s undivided attention? Here’s the evidence in favor!

I also want to point out that if you’re thinking of booking a studio session with me, I love the use of dad’s traditional cultural clothing in this session. When clients bring in those family heirlooms for a studio newborn portrait session, I often find that those images become their favorites, which is beautiful. The red of this garment truly emits the joy of a celebration. I’m inspired to use rich colors more often!

Now, when it came to the family, I was so flattered to have this client contact me last minute, after their daughter had been born. In her new client questionnaire, when asked how she found Looking Up Photography, mom Margaret stated that the images I take are “pure bliss.” How in the world could anyone say no to that inquiry? Thank you, Margaret. Those words will stay with me for a long time to come. I want to say, too, that adorable baby girl Pia was super easy-going and cooperative. I have no doubt that she will be brought up fabulously according to her parents’ family values of faith, love, and respect.

Cheers to new life!

Contact me here to book your session today!


newborn baby girl with dark hair who is wrapped in a dusty pink swaddled, snuggled in a wicker basket with a dusty pink flokati, against a white wood paneled backgroundnewborn baby girl with dark hair wearing a lime green stretchy headband with white and pink floralsnewborn baby girl snuggled up against an open kit white crochet blanket; she is wearing a lime green stretch headband with white and pink faux floralsnewborn baby girl looking at the camera; she is wrapped in a smooth white swaddle and has a traditional Asian garment behind her; red and blue and yellow and green diamond patternmother with long black hair smiling down at her newborn baby girl who is being cradled in her armsfather with dark hair touching noses with his newborn baby girl who is wrapped in a white waffle weave blanketnew family of three; new parents smiling at the camera; mom holding her newborn daughter as dad wraps his arms around his girlsnew father and mother kissing their newborn daughter's cheeks and holding her in between thembacklit image of a mother and father silhouetted and looking down at their newborn daughter



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